Doctors & Therapists

“In our practice, we are ready & able to address the neuro-musculoskeletal needs of any & all patients.

We are a multidisciplinary practice that has experts in all aspects of care. We also are fully integrated in the health care community. If we can’t help you, we will direct you to someone who can.

Our approach to rehabilitation is unique. We combine traditional methods with the most cutting edge technology and techniques of all the major disciplines. All our locations are health club based & emphasize aggressive rehabilitation & exercise in an educational manner that becomes a pleasant habit that benefits the patient for a lifetime.”

Our Team

At Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation of NY & CT, we understand how frustrating it is dealing with a chronic condition causing you pain. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists provides the complete spectrum of musculoskeletal care. Our specialty physicians treat patients of all ages and are skilled at assessing both common and complex conditions.