Advanced X-Ray Imaging

Advanced X-Ray Imaging Services in CT & NY

While the health benefits of chiropractic care have long been understood, we chiropractors continue to look for new ways to provide excellent service to clients. The Xmaru Chiropractic Viewer is a piece of software with many features that can help us deliver exemplary care to you. The system stands alone and features more than 50 advanced measurement tools that we can use when evaluating, diagnosing, treating and monitoring your chiropractic treatment.

How the Xmaru Chiroview Viewer Technology Works

The Xmaru Chiroview Viewer is a stand-alone system. This stand-alone system uses digital scanning technology in order to take precise measurements of your skull and spine. Those measurements are instantly processed by the system, and we can show you the results within seconds. The technology also includes the ability to view and burn CDs and DVDs, allowing us to give you a copy to share with your other healthcare providers. Its functionality also includes importing and exporting JPEG digital images. The Xamaru Chiroview’s technology lets us use the DICOM Send, Image Stitching, or DICOM Print functions for creating printouts for you to take home or for tracking your progress from one visit to the next.

Use of the Xmaru Chiroview

The Xmaru Chiroview offers a short tutorial for the measurement tools. The tool shows you each step of how to draw a measurement and how we use the Xmaru Chiroview system for your treatment. The tutorial also includes a detailed explanation of the function of each measurement tool and when we might use it for you. The technology allows us to zoom in and out, add contrast, select areas of interest, add labels and more. During your visit, we can show you where the problem in your spine is and how it compares to a healthy spine.

Features of the Xmaru Chiroview Viewer

The Xmaru Chiroview provides us with 55 measurement tools. Some of the tools for skull measurements include basilar angle, sella turcica size, and localization of the pineal gland. Dislocation of the occipital bone can also be measured. In the lumbar spine, the tool allows us to measure your intervertebral disc angle and height using different methods. In the cervical spine, the Xmaru Chiroview has measurement features such as measuring the volume of the spinal canal, angle of the cervical curve and depth measurements for cervical lordosis. We can use the Xmaru Chiroview in order to identify your vertebral stress lines and scoliosis in the thoracic spine. In the lower extremities, the system features tools for measuring your hip joint space, pre-sacral space and acetabular depth. We may use it to take measurements of the femoral angle and axial relationships of your knee. The Xmaru Chiroview also facilitates upper extremity chiropractic care. We may use it in order to measure humeral or clavicular joint space or the cervical curve.

Benefits of the Xmaru Chiroview Viewer

The Xmaru Chiroviewer offers encryption, keeping all of your confidential information secure. In the event of a disaster, the Xmaru Chiroview has built-in features including image backups and system restoration functions. By using the technology in the Xmaru Chiroview system, your measurements will be more accurate. This may help us reach a clear diagnosis and formulate an effective treatment plan for your condition. The Xmaru Chiroview can store an unlimited amount of information on your health and progress. We also use the Xmaru Chiroview technology in order to track the rate of improvement of certain types of problems that you have or your improvement rate after receiving specific types of chiropractic care.

How Xmaru Chiroview is a Valuable Asset for Chiropractic Use

With the Xmaru Chiroview, you get hospital-grade imaging of your body. It shows you soft tissues at a high level of detail. You can view multiple angles of your entire body, such as left and right lateral, frontal and back views. It works quickly, and we get immediate results to use during your appointment. The console has a small footprint, ensuring that it easily fits in all patient care rooms at our office. The Xmaru Chiroview technology allows us to identify the exact cause of your pain and apply the appropriate chiropractic treatment services.