Shoulder Blade Pain

Shoulder Blade Pain Treatment in CT & NY

Following activity, it’s entirely normal to experience pain in the shoulder blade or scapula. Within a few days, this usually goes away on its own. But if the pain recurs, is persistent, or interferes with your lifestyle, it might be a good idea to seek chiropractic care.

Beyond any other part of the body, our shoulders engage in the most repetitive motion. In addition, the shoulder is surrounded by multiple nerves, tendons, and tissues, which can cause discomfort by stretching or tearing. As a result, injuries to the scapula are common – and often the result of overuse. Sometimes these injuries occur in the natural course of life, but they’re particularly common for active people and athletes (think golf swings).

Other possible causes of shoulder injury include sleeping problems, poor posture, or a broken scapula bone. Osteoarthritis can be an issue, too – or can exacerbate pain. Pain in the shoulder area, especially in combination with other symptoms, could also be a sign of a more serious condition. In these cases, it’s important to seek medical care early on.

At Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, we’ll always determine the cause of your shoulder blade problems before proceeding with a course of treatment. We’ll know whether your issues stem from the joint itself or from its neighboring tissues. This knowledge is crucial to avoid making the issue worse and to enable us to bring comfort back to your life.

Chiropractic manipulation is the most common solution for shoulder-related problems. Our adjustments can shift the joint’s alignment, decreasing inflammation and pressure on connected tissues. For shoulder issues, we’ll also consider physical therapy, exercise programs, and massage; you’ll meet with many of our skilled experts, who’ll work in harmony to alleviate your pain.

Whatever weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders, we bet you’re ready to lift it. Give us a call or come in for an assessment; we’re here and eager to meet you.

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